Life’s a handful?

Managing stress

More than a half of all young Swedish women have problems with stress. The daily struggle of managing unreasonable internal and external expectations can take a huge toll on both mental and physical health. We wanted to change that.

Sometimes, a text is all it takes

Through short and simple exercises delivered straight to their phone, women can take control of their stress and form new, healthy habits. From learning to say 'no' and finding time to slow down, to self-esteem boosting tricks and tips.

Lite mycket nu?

Partnering with Maktsalongen, we joined a team of psychiatrists, illustrators and copywriters to create a text-based coach that was both effective and achieved a huge outreach –

A helping hand. We used tone of voice, visual expression and tailored the user experience to give every aspect of the communication the feeling of a companion; friendly and light-hearted. and a gentle on-boarding process that focused on ease of access, we created an experience centered around helping our users get the stress tools they need.

The service went viral

Within just a week, thousands of people had already signed up for help with managing their stress, far exceeding our expectations. Following the warm welcome, the service was a nominated finalist in the prestigious 100-wattaren award.

The service was both reliable and fast, sending tens of thousands of text messages at a time. Now, over a year in the service continues to see a steady flow of new users. In the pipeline are new courses, improved interaction through texts and an S.O.S class for when the things really hit the fan.