Our work should:

1. Solve actual problems instead of creating more needs.

2. Be usable and accessible. If it doesn’t work for the user – it doesn’t work at all.

3. Not form unhealthy behaviours that keep people online for longer than they intend.

4. Be free of low-quality content and advertisement.

5. Be open-source by default.

6. Be long-lasting, through love and respect for our craft.

7. Innovate, provoke, be punk, set data free, explore and experiment.

8. Be open and humble. We want to be fun and kind while still being the best in our field.

Joining the post-silicon-valley movement, we’ve realized that the Internet giants can't be relied upon to design and maintain gratifying and reliable digital services. The systems and incentives are often in direct conflict.

As problem solvers, designers and developers, we have the responsibility and opportunity to shape the digital revolution. Our future work deeply affect the interactions between individuals, corporations and computers.

Let’s use technology to solve societies actual problems and create a sustainable, fun and lovable internet for everyone.